Patricia Arnillas is a Peruvian-born artist who has lived and worked in NYC for 30 years. Her creative career evolved from painting and classical Fine Arts, to working with cutting-edge technologies in the fields of Illustration, graphic design, and video editing. This versatility allows her to combine different elements to create original pieces from traditional to ultra-contemporary.
She has exhibited her work in numerous group shows and solo shows. Her series “Silence Equals Death” features large oil canvasses and explores the themes of Time, Silence, and Personal Memory; “Women in History” features ink drawings, which re-interpret the theme of strong and independent women throughout history. As an illustrator, Patricia’s work has been featured on greeting cards and t-shirts in NYC, Lima-Perú, and Sydney, Australia.
In the last fifteen years, Patricia used her skill and experience in the field of Interior Decoration. She has created original murals, wall finishes, and decorative textures for the interiors of stores, hotels, and high-end residences in the United States and in Europe, and worked with renowned interior designers and architects.