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mail: 183 Lorrain St. Brooklyn NY, 11231

CONTRAPOSTO art studio

Patricia Arnillas founded Contraposto Art Studio in 2008. The studio, located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, specializes in faux finishes, glazing, gilding, murals, custom-design, and hand-printed wallpaper and fabric.

Contraposto’s work blends contemporary design with classical expression. The studio prides itself on technical expertise, manipulation of color, and innovative use of raw materials. Patricia works intimately with clients to ensure that their unique vision and concepts are executed according to the highest standards of excellence. 
Contraposto employs teams of talented and highly skilled artists, carefully selected for each project, to ensure efficient production and high quality results.

An Italian Renaissance term, Contraposto refers to balance achieved through the forces of tension and grace in a human standing figure. These same dynamic elements of tradition and innovation, measure and creativity, are the driving forces behind the firm’s vision.